Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pinewood Derby FUN!!!

Mason wins district finals!!! Way to go!
Mason wins the derby in his pack.
The famous Cobra Car that won it all. Way to go Mason (and Dad)!

Mason and Lacey's Birthday/Baptism

A bowling Birthday Party! Mas0n and Lacey each got to invite a few friends and go the bowling alley. They had a jolly good time!
Eight cake, one pink one blue. Blew out the candles and made wishes. Hopefully they come true!
It is hard to believe that our once 4lb. twins are already EIGHT! We had a wonderful weekend filed with family and fun. Grandma and Grandpa from both sides came to support them along with their Great Grandma and Grandpa. We are so proud of them!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Meet Pearl

So, this one is all my fault. We really need a kitty to killl the moles digging up our property. I am hoping that this sweetheart will be a good hunter. Meet Pearl Isn't she just a love! I know, I know really we do live in a zoo. When she gets big enough that I am not paranoid that an eagle or a hawk is going to carry her off. She will be strictly an outside hunter. Amazingly enough Holly loves her, and Pearl is very tolerant of all of the mothering. Holly slobbers her up one side and down the other. Yesterday I saw Pearl hanging from Holly's jowls, and Holly didn't seem to mind, but the kitty sure lets everyone know when she is being stepped on. Poor Holly she doesn't even realize that her paw is on the cats tail.


Yep, our chicken are doing their job. They are finally laying, a little earlier than we anticipated. It has been fun for the kids to check their coop (79 times a day), waiting. We got three eggs one day. but usually it is just one a day. Hopefully the Rhode Island Reds will start laying some brown eggs soon.
Mason was up first to check it out. It is the smallest egg I have ever seen. You can get an idea from the pic above.
Keep it up girls. We love those eggs! Aren't they just darling. :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Messing around in Photoshop

I realize that I get obsessed with things for a bit and go crazy. Latest obsession has been Photoshop. This is our family pic. for 2010. I have been wanting to edit it for months. I also bought Photoshop elements 8 last Dec. It has been sitting untouched until now. I asked a friend (thank you Sarah) to come and help me figure some of it out. I have had so much fun the last couple of days messing around.
This is a color pop action. I haven't really figured out how to make all of the layers work along with the tools, but still fun.
I tried to burn the edges. Got to carried away. Couldn't figure out how to undo it. Like I said I have been really excited about it.
Oh my baby Lilly.
I know this is really not anything to those of you who do the editing all of the time, but I feel like a whole new world has been opened up with just the few things that I have learned. Loving it...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mason's BIG Fish!

Mason got to go on a Father, Son fishing trip with Jeff and one of his fishing buddies who also brought his son. They had a great time.
Is that the biggest smile you have ever seen or what? I think that it may also be "Take the picture Dad this fish is heavy," smile through his teeth. It is a 12lb. Rainbow trout. Like the ones Jeff caught this winter. Way to go Mason!
Mason and Dean. By the end of the trip these boys were good buddies.
And good climbers too. They did lots of great hiking along with the fishing. What fun!

Home Grown Eggs

Okay, I admit it, my hubby has some great ideas sometimes. It is just really hard for me to say yes if I think that I am going to be the one doing all of the work. Chicks, aren't they darling? They are quite a bit bigger now. They are in their coop that Jeff built ( he really is so good at building stuff). I am so excited to have eggs. We have been talking about a whole mini-farm idea for the last 10 years. We have finally taken the plunge. I don't know if any of you watched that show on PBS a few weeks ago, "Food Inc." it really makes us want to sell our house and buy a few acres and raise all of our own food. If you get a minute you sould really watch it. P.S. I really haven't done hardly any of the work.
Home is where you can be silent and still be heard. Where you can ask and find out who you are. Where people laugh with you about your self. Where sorrow is divided and joys multiplied. Where we share in love and grow..